Neo-Nazi Leader and 2 Others Arrested in Plot to Attack Baltimore’s Power Grid

Federal authorities have arrested two individuals in connection with an alleged plot to attack Baltimore’s power grid.

According to the FBI, Neo-Nazi leader Brandon Russell and an unnamed woman were taken into custody on Tuesday following an investigation into the alleged plot. The two suspects were allegedly targeting five substations in the city, with the intent to disrupt the power grid.

The FBI believes the two suspects had “extremist” views, and were planning to use explosives to carry out the attack. The agency has not yet released any further information on the suspects or their motives.

The Baltimore Sun reports that the woman, who is from Catonsville, Maryland, and the man, who is from Florida, were both federally charged with conspiracy to destroy the power grid.

The news has sent shockwaves through the city, with many residents expressing concern about the safety of the power grid. City officials have issued a statement saying that the power grid is secure, and that the attack was foiled by the FBI’s swift response.

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