“New Hampshire Governor Chris Sununu Claims Victory in Permanent-Washington Primary: Exclusive Report”

In a surprising turn of events, New Hampshire Governor Chris Sununu has come out victorious in the Permanent-Washington Primary. Sununu, who is not even running for president, managed to garner more votes than any of the actual candidates on the ballot.

The Permanent-Washington Primary is a unique election that allows residents of the nation’s capital to participate in the presidential primaries of all 50 states. It is a largely symbolic vote, as Washington D.C. does not have any votes in the electoral college.

However, Sununu’s win has turned heads, as he managed to beat out current front-runner Joe Biden, as well as other notable candidates like Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren.

Political analysts speculate that Sununu’s success may be due to his moderate Republican views, which have gained traction with voters who are not satisfied with the extreme positions taken by some of the other candidates.

The Sununu campaign has not released an official statement on the win, but sources close to the governor say that he is “pleasantly surprised” by the results.

While Sununu has not expressed any interest in running for president, this surprising outcome may vault him into the national spotlight and raise speculation about his future political ambitions.