Newspapers Nationwide Drop ‘Dilbert’ After Creator’s Racist Tirade

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution and hundreds of other newspapers have decided to no longer run the comic strip ‘Dilbert’ after its creator, Scott Adams, made a series of racist remarks.

The news comes after Adams made a series of disparaging remarks about the Black Lives Matter movement and other racial issues. Adams also made comments about the “superiority of white people,” which caused outrage among readers and newspaper editors alike.

The Santa Rosa Press Democrat’s editor, Robert Digitale, said that the decision to drop ‘Dilbert’ was made in order to “send a strong message that racism and hate speech will not be tolerated.”

The OregonLive’s editor, Jeff Mapes, wrote in a letter to readers that the newspaper had decided to no longer run ‘Dilbert’ due to Adams’ “racist and offensive comments.”

Fox News also reported that many newspapers have dropped ‘Dilbert’ in response to Adams’ comments.

The decision to drop ‘Dilbert’ has been met with mixed reactions. Some readers have applauded the decision, while others have criticized it, arguing that Adams’ freedom of speech should be respected.

No matter the opinion, it is clear that the Atlanta Journal-Constitution and other newspapers have made a stand against racism and hate speech by no longer running ‘Dilbert.’

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