North Carolina TV Star’s Family “Traumatized” After Instacart Driver Fatally Shoots Dog on Easter Weekend

Charlotte, North Carolina – Actress Angie Harmon took to Instagram to express her family’s devastation after their beloved dog, Ollie, was shot and killed by a delivery driver over the Easter weekend.

Harmon, known for her roles in Law & Order and Rizzoli & Isles, shared the tragic incident on social media, revealing that the Instacart driver allegedly shot their dog while delivering groceries to their North Carolina home.

The incident sheds light on a disturbing trend in the United States, where gun violence often escalates from seemingly ordinary situations. According to Harmon, the driver claimed self-defense in shooting Ollie, but the family disputes this, noting no signs of aggression from the dog.

Despite the family’s Ring surveillance camera being inactive at the time of the incident, the Charlotte-Mecklenburg police confirmed the deliveryman’s account of acting in self-defense, leading to no arrests or charges.

Instacart responded to the incident by suspending the driver immediately and cooperating with law enforcement investigations. Harmon condemned the driver’s actions as “despicable and inexcusable,” expressing deep trauma and loss from the incident.

The shooting of Ollie has left Harmon’s family reeling, highlighting the devastating impact of gun violence on pet owners and communities. The incident serves as a reminder of the need for accountable and responsible behavior in firearms usage, especially in everyday interactions.

As the investigation continues, Harmon’s emotional message resonates with many, drawing attention to the tragic outcome of a routine delivery turned fatal. The family seeks justice for Ollie and hopes to prevent similar incidents from occurring in the future.