Nuggets Dominate Heat in NBA Finals Opener: Full Game Highlights and Jeers for Actor Ken Jeong’s Halfcourt Shots

Miami Heat Loses Game 1 to Denver Nuggets in NBA Finals

The Miami Heat and Denver Nuggets kicked off the NBA Finals with a game that saw the Nuggets defeat the Heat 112-100. Miami came out flat and struggled to keep up with the Nuggets’ fast-paced offense. The Heat were down by as many as 23 points in the third quarter, but managed to cut the lead to single digits in the fourth quarter.

Despite the loss, there are still reasons for Heat fans to remain hopeful. The team’s defense showed signs of improvement in the second half, limiting the Nuggets’ scoring opportunities. Additionally, key players like Jimmy Butler and Tyler Herro showed flashes of brilliance, with Butler contributing 22 points and Herro adding 18 points off the bench.

One person who did not have a successful night was actor Ken Jeong, who was jeered by the crowd for his halfcourt shots during halftime. Jeong missed all of his attempts, much to the delight of the Denver fans.

The NBA Finals continue with Game 2 between the Heat and Nuggets, which will take place on June 3rd. The Heat will look to even the series while the Nuggets will try to extend their lead.