Nurse Banks Millions After Going Viral with Unintentional Side Hustle

Nurse and entrepreneur, Samantha Smith, has become an overnight success after her side hustle went viral. Smith, who works full-time as a registered nurse, started her business, ‘Samantha’s Soothing Skincare’ in her free time.

The business, which specializes in natural skincare products, started as a hobby for Smith who wanted to make products for her own use. After sharing her creations with friends and family, word of her products quickly spread.

“It was very unintentional,” Smith said. “I never expected it to get this big.”

Smith’s products quickly gained attention from customers all over the world, and within months she was able to quit her job as a nurse and focus on her business full-time.

Since then, Smith has made millions from her side hustle, and has been able to donate a portion of her profits to various charities.

“I’m so grateful for the success I’ve had,” she said. “It’s been an incredible journey and I’m so thankful for all of the support I’ve received.”