Ohio GOP leaders found guilty in $60M bribery scandal

Former Ohio House Speaker Larry Householder and former Ohio GOP party leader Matt Borges have been found guilty in Ohio’s largest bribery scandal, according to NBC4 WCMH-TV. The two men were convicted of their roles in a $60 million bribery scheme, which involved funneling money to a political group in order to pass legislation favorable to the group’s interests.

Prosecutors argued that Householder and Borges were involved in a complex scheme to funnel money from an energy company to the political group, which then backed Householder for House Speaker. In exchange for Householder’s support, the group funneled money to campaigns supporting Householder’s political allies.

While both men denied any wrongdoing, prosecutors argued that the evidence against them was overwhelming. In addition to wiretapped conversations and financial records, the prosecution called several witnesses who testified about the scheme.

Despite the guilty verdicts, Householder and Borges have maintained their innocence. Their defense attorneys argued that the prosecution’s case was based on lies and that the witnesses against them had ulterior motives for testifying.

The case has sent shockwaves through Ohio’s political establishment, with many calling for reforms to campaign finance laws to prevent similar abuses in the future. Political reform groups have called for the resignation of all of Householder’s allies in the state legislature, as well as an independent investigation into the incident.

Regardless of the outcome of those efforts, the verdict against Householder and Borges serves as a warning to politicians and political operatives across the country: bribery and corruption will not be tolerated, and those responsible will be held accountable.