“Ohio Town Rues ‘Our Chernobyl’ After Toxic Train Derailment and Biden Admin Refusal of Disaster Assistance”

Residents of a small Ohio town are reeling from a devastating train derailment that has been described as their “Chernobyl”. On Tuesday, a train carrying hazardous chemicals derailed in the town, causing a massive explosion and releasing toxic fumes into the air.

The incident has been met with outrage from the town’s residents, who are demanding answers as to why the train was carrying such dangerous materials in the first place. The rail company responsible for the train has refused to meet with the town’s residents, citing safety concerns.

The Biden administration has also been criticized for denying the town’s request for disaster assistance following the derailment. The town has been left to deal with the aftermath on its own, and the toxic fumes have caused widespread health concerns.

Meanwhile, Ohio Governor Mike DeWine has requested that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention send medical experts to East Palestine immediately to assess the situation.

The incident has highlighted the need for better regulation of hazardous materials being transported by rail, and has raised questions about the safety of such materials in the future. As one resident put it, “no one should have to experience a disaster like this”.