Oregon Rodeo Bull Escapes, Injures People in Wild Concession Area Dash

Sisters, Oregon – A chaotic scene unfolded at the 84th Sisters Rodeo as a rodeo bull named Party Bus made a daring escape, causing mayhem in the concession area and injuring at least three people before being corralled by professionals. The incident occurred during the final bull ride of the night, disrupting the festive atmosphere as spectators were enjoying a performance to the tune of Lee Greenwood’s “God Bless the USA.”

Videos captured by onlookers showed the bull running through the concession area, knocking over objects, and causing panic among attendees. One person was lifted off the ground, tossed around by the bull, and eventually landed on its horns before hitting the ground. The Sisters Rodeo Association later confirmed that three individuals were injured, with two requiring hospitalization.

Law enforcement officials, including Deschutes county sheriff’s deputies, and multiple ambulances responded to the chaotic scene. One deputy sustained minor injuries while attempting to intervene. The bull was eventually secured by rodeo professionals and safely contained in a pen near the livestock holding area.

Witnesses, such as Danielle Smithers, recounted the harrowing experience of seeing the bull break free from its confines. Despite the unexpected turn of events, the rodeo continued with its scheduled performances, underscoring the resilience of the event organizers and participants.

The Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association (PRCA) acknowledged the rare but inherent risks associated with rodeo events, extending thoughts and well-wishes to those impacted by the incident. As the community grapples with the aftermath of the bull’s escape, authorities have not disclosed plans for an investigation into the incident.

Sisters, located northwest of Bend, Oregon, is known for its annual rodeo festivities, drawing participants and spectators from various parts of the region. While the escapade of Party Bus may have caused a temporary disruption, the spirit of the rodeo persevered, showcasing the resilience and camaraderie within the tight-knit community.