Oregon Woman’s Sister Accuses Police of Ignoring Serial Killer Theory in Connection to Murders

Murdered Oregon Woman’s Sister Alleges Police Ignoring Serial Killer Theory

A series of murders in the Portland, Oregon metro area, previously believed to be unrelated, are now being linked as authorities identify a person of interest. The deaths of four women, whose bodies were found near or on the sides of roads between February and May, have now been connected according to a joint statement released by deputies in nine different police departments.

The victims have been identified as Kristin Smith, 22, Charity Lynn Perry, 24, Bridget Leann (Ramsay) Webster, 31, and Ashley Real, 22. While the police haven’t officially identified the person of interest or filed any charges yet, local media sites have speculated on the alleged individual at the center of the investigation.

This latest development comes as a shock to the family of Kristin Smith, who had previously expressed concerns that she may have been a victim of sex trafficking. Smith’s mother, Melissa Smith, said that Kristin’s disappearance was out of character and raised suspicions. However, the police had initially downplayed rumors connecting the deaths of multiple women in the area, stating that there was no evidence to support such claims.

The Oregon State Medical Examiner has not been able to determine the cause and manner of death for any of the victims, leaving their families desperate for answers. Investigators are now asking the public for any information that could help solve these cases. Despite the connections between the deaths, law enforcement officials claim that there is currently no danger to the public and no charges have been filed in relation to the murders.

The joint statement released by the police did not provide any further details about the nature of the deaths or how they are connected. However, the families of the victims are left grappling with grief and the suspicion of a possible serial killer operating in their community.

As the investigation continues, the focus now falls on the person of interest and whether the police will pursue the theory of a serial killer in these cases. The families hope that by speaking out, they can pressure the authorities to thoroughly explore every possible lead and bring the responsible party to justice. Until then, the community remains on edge, fearful of another tragedy striking close to home.