Outrage and Demand for Answers After Police Killing of Double Amputee in Wheelchair

Residents of Huntington Park, California are in shock after the police shooting of Anthony Lowe, a double amputee who was in a wheelchair.

Lowe, who was armed with a knife, was shot by police on Sunday night after they received reports of a man threatening people in the area. His family, who were present at the scene, said he was scared for his life and was fleeing the police when he was shot.

The police killing of Lowe has sparked outrage and demands for answers from the community. The incident has raised questions about whether the use of lethal force was justified and if the police followed proper protocol.

The California police department has released a statement saying that they are reviewing the incident and that they are committed to providing a full and transparent investigation.

The death of Lowe has been covered by major news outlets, including NBC News, Yahoo News, The Guardian US, and BBC. View Full Coverage on USNN for more information.