Over 2600 Dead in Devastating Turkey and Syria Earthquakes: A Doctor’s Story

A powerful earthquake shook the border of Turkey and Syria on Friday, leaving a devastating trail of destruction in its wake. According to CBS News, the 7.2 magnitude quake has resulted in more than 2,600 deaths in both countries.

The aftershocks of the earthquake were captured on live TV, as CNN reported. People in the affected areas scrambled to safety in their pajamas, as buildings shook and snow blanketed the streets.

The quake has left thousands of people homeless and in need of emergency relief. Reuters reported that the region is prone to earthquakes due to its location in the Middle East, but the magnitude of this one was particularly severe.

CNN also reported on the story of a doctor and his family who rushed to safety in their pajamas on the snowy streets. The doctor was one of many who raced to help the injured, despite the danger posed by the aftershocks.

The story of the Turkey-Syria earthquake is still unfolding, and readers can view full coverage of the situation on USNN.