Patrick Mahomes Returns! Chiefs vs Jaguars in NFL Divisional Round: Key Matchups, Predictions, and More!

The Kansas City Chiefs and Jacksonville Jaguars will face off in the Divisional Round of the NFL Playoffs this weekend. After a hard-fought victory in the Wild Card Round, the Chiefs have been preparing for the matchup with the Jaguars, and the excitement is building.

The Chiefs have been favored to win the game, with national experts predicting a Chiefs victory. Patrick Mahomes, the Chiefs’ star quarterback, has returned to the game after missing the Wild Card Round due to an injury. His presence is sure to give the Chiefs an edge in the game.

The Chiefs-Jaguars game is part of a weekend of exciting playoff matchups, with a mix of underdogs and juggernauts competing in the Divisional Round. The Chiefs-Jaguars game is sure to be a thrilling matchup.

The Chiefs have been preparing for the game with the Jaguars by studying their opponents and scouting their strengths and weaknesses. The Hy-Vee Chiefs Insider has all the information fans need to be ready for the game.

The Chiefs-Jaguars game will be broadcast on Sunday, January 13th. CBS Sports has all the information fans need, including the time, TV channel, streaming, key matchups, and prediction for the game.

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