Patriots’ Contract Offer to DeAndre Hopkins Falls Short Compared to Titans, Revealing Money as the Deciding Factor

Patriots Offer to DeAndre Hopkins Falls Short Compared to Titans, Says Report

The Tennessee Titans managed to secure the signing of star wide receiver DeAndre Hopkins over the New England Patriots, and according to sources, the deciding factor was money. Hopkins agreed to a two-year contract with the Titans worth $26 million in base salary, with the potential to earn up to $32 million through certain incentives. In contrast, the Patriots reportedly offered a maximum of $15 million for this year, with a significant portion of it being tied to incentives, according to Sports Illustrated’s Albert Breer.

The Patriots expressed interest in Hopkins, who only visited New England and Tennessee during free agency after being released by the Arizona Cardinals. However, it seems that the Patriots were not willing to match the level of financial commitment made by the Titans. The structure of the Patriots’ offer was similar to that of the Kansas City Chiefs’ pre-draft offer, which included a $4 million base salary with a chance to earn up to $10 million. In comparison, the Titans offered a $12 million base salary with $3 million in incentives.

While Patriots fans may find this frustrating, especially considering the team’s available cap space of over $17 million as of July 16, it appears that the Patriots were not willing to exceed their price point for the 31-year-old wide receiver. Hopkins has missed 15 games over the past two seasons, and the Patriots may have been wary of committing significant guaranteed money to a player with that injury record. Ultimately, it seems that Hopkins prioritized joining the team that offered the highest financial package.

According to Breer, the teams involved in negotiations acknowledged that money was the primary factor up until the start of training camp. The Patriots determined their price point and were not willing to surpass it, while Hopkins was solely interested in joining the highest bidder.

The signing of DeAndre Hopkins by the Titans may have significant implications for both teams. The Patriots, coming off a lackluster 2022 campaign, were in need of an offensive boost, which Hopkins could have provided. However, it seems that Bill Belichick and his staff did not feel the need to overpay for the wide receiver. The Titans, on the other hand, managed to add a proven playmaker to their roster, a move that could strengthen their offense and provide support for their star quarterback, Ryan Tannehill.

In the end, the Patriots’ offer to DeAndre Hopkins fell short compared to the Titans, mainly because of the difference in financial terms. While the Patriots had the cap space to meet Hopkins’ base salary demands, they were not willing to go the extra mile and offer incentives that would increase the overall value of the contract. With Hopkins now in Tennessee, Patriots fans can only wonder what could have been if the team had been more aggressive in their pursuit of the talented wide receiver.