Pence cleared of criminal charges in classified document probe

The United States Justice Department has announced that they will not seek criminal charges against former Vice President Mike Pence regarding classified documents found at his home. The DOJ launched an investigation into the matter after it was discovered that Pence had received the documents while serving as the vice president.

According to sources, the documents in question were related to national security and deemed to be highly classified. The DOJ reportedly conducted a thorough investigation into the matter and found no evidence of criminal wrongdoing on the part of Pence.

The investigation was closed without any charges being filed against the former vice president. Pence’s spokesperson issued a statement, expressing relief at the news, stating that the former vice president had always followed proper protocols with regards to classified information.

This decision by the DOJ is likely to be viewed as a win for Pence and his supporters, who had expressed concerns about the investigation. Some had speculated that the investigation was politically motivated.

Despite the decision not to file criminal charges, the case has raised questions about the handling of classified information and the responsibilities of government officials. The DOJ’s decision may also be seen as a message to other government officials about the importance of safeguarding sensitive information.