Phil Brace Executive Chairman shares thoughts on Inseego’s future, leveraging 5G for expanding 5G mobile and fixed wireless access solutions, promising revenue and adjusted EBITDA.

In San Diego, California, Inseego Corp. recently hosted their Q4 2023 Earnings Conference Call to discuss their financial results. The executives at the call included Executive Chairman Philip Brace and Chief Financial Officer Steven Gatoff, along with participants from various investment firms.

During the call, Brace shared his optimism for the wireless industry, especially with the growth potential of 5G technology. He expressed excitement about the opportunity for Inseego to offer leading 5G mobile and wireless access solutions, as well as the company’s strong market relationships and investments in FWA to drive future growth. Additionally, he mentioned the change in leadership at Inseego and the company’s focus on finding the right leadership to propel them forward.

Gatoff went on to provide a detailed review of the company’s financial results, highlighting changes to their reporting categories, revenue streams, and new financial guidance for Q1 2024. He discussed the growth of fixed wireless access (FWA) as a key focus for the company, as well as efforts to improve capital structure and increase profitability.

The executives also fielded questions from analysts regarding liquidity, forecasted revenue, and the focus on fixed wireless access. Gatoff addressed inquiries about the company’s operating expenses and expectations for future investments in the channel market.

Overall, the call provided insight into Inseego’s financial performance, strategic initiatives, and future outlook, demonstrating the company’s commitment to innovation and growth in the wireless industry.