Planes Collide at Tokyo’s Haneda Airport: Runway Closed, No Injuries Reported

Two passenger planes collided on the runway of Tokyo’s Haneda airport on Friday, resulting in no injuries but causing flight disruptions. The collision occurred between a Delta Air Lines Boeing 777 and a Korean Air Airbus A220. The incident was first reported by NHK, and Reuters confirmed that the airport had closed the runway.

The incident occurred at around 7:25 p.m. local time, with the Korean Air plane hitting the Delta plane that was taxiing to the terminal. The wing of the Korean Air plane reportedly struck the tail section of the Delta plane. The planes were both scheduled to depart for destinations in the United States, but Delta announced that its flight would be canceled.

The runway was closed for about two hours after the incident, causing numerous flight disruptions, including delays and cancellations. The airport resumed operations after the runway was reopened. The investigation into the incident is ongoing, and the cause has yet to be determined.

The collision comes just weeks after another incident at Haneda airport, where a China Airlines plane collided with a parked Japan Airlines jet. The incident caused damage but resulted in no injuries.