**Plastic Pollution Crisis Uncovered: Oceans Contaminated by Human Activities** – Shocking Details Inside!

Paris, France – Carbios, a company based in France, is making strides in combating ocean contamination caused by human activities. With a well-supported PET plant project already financed and industrial agreements in place, Carbios is on track for success. The company’s focus on sustainability and innovation is evident in their approach to recycling technology.

Carbios has secured advantageous financing, with the PET plant project expected to be completed soon. The company’s financial position is strong, with a balance sheet reflecting sound management of resources. Research and development efforts are underway to prepare for licensing their PET recycling technology to other manufacturers.

The new PET facility, with a feedstock capacity of 50kt, has received permits ahead of schedule. Carbios is set to break ground on the project, targeting completion and production in 2026. The company’s strategic partnerships ensure a steady flow of feedstock, paving the way for additional financing opportunities.

Looking ahead, Carbios plans to license out its technology to other manufacturers, potentially generating significant returns. The success of their demonstration plant will play a crucial role in attracting potential licensees. With market opportunities projected to reach billions by 2035, Carbios is positioned for growth in the sustainable packaging industry.

Carbios’ innovative approach to recycling technology and strong financial position make them a promising player in the market. As they continue to attract investors and secure agreements, the company’s valuation remains favorable for potential growth. With a focus on sustainability and profitability, Carbios is forging a path towards a greener future.