Plastic Surgeon ‘Dr. Roxy’ Loses Medical License After TikTok Livestreams Go Wrong

Ohio Plastic Surgeon Permanently Loses Medical License After Livestreaming Operations on TikTok

COLUMBUS, Ohio – An Ohio plastic surgeon, known on social media as “Dr. Roxy,” has had her state medical license permanently revoked after livestreaming patient operations on TikTok and having three patients report complications following their surgeries. The State Medical Board of Ohio made the decision to revoke Dr. Katherine Roxanne Grawe’s license and impose a $4,500 fine. Grawe, who had a plastic surgery practice in the Columbus suburb of Powell, had her license summarily suspended in November after being reprimanded twice by the board. The board said it determined that her “continued practice presents a danger of immediate and serious harm to the public.”

Dr. Grawe, also known as “Dr. Roxy,” addressed the board before the license revocation, expressing that she had reflected upon the board’s criticism and acknowledged how she had fallen short of their expectations in various ways. She explained that she created social media videos to educate people about cosmetic surgery, but recognized that some of her videos appeared unprofessional and silly.

The State Medical Board of Ohio had previously raised concerns about Grawe’s handling of patient privacy when sharing photos or videos on social media. In addition, the board expressed ethical concerns regarding privacy and social media, and cited avoidable complications that required surgical revision. Grawe testified during a board hearing that her social media name, “Dr. Roxy,” did not influence her decision-making regarding patient care. She stated her intention was to provide safety and show the surgeries to people.

Dr. Grawe testified that she had performed medical procedures on approximately 5,500 patients in the last five years, with two to five surgeries per day. Breast, abdomen, thigh, arm, and buttock surgeries, including the Brazilian butt lift procedure, were among the surgeries she primarily performed. During her testimony, Grawe discussed the criteria she used before performing an operation, emphasizing the importance of patients seeing a primary care doctor for evaluation and the associated risks of surgery.

Grawe began documenting her practices on social media in 2010 and obtained her medical degree in 2005 from the University of Texas Medical Branch. She was certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery in 2014.

Livestreaming medical procedures on TikTok is a highly controversial practice, and the revocation of Dr. Grawe’s license emphasizes the importance of maintaining patient privacy and adhering to ethical standards in the medical field. The board’s decision serves as a reminder that while social media can be a powerful educational tool, it should not come at the expense of patient safety and the overall professionalism of the medical community.