Police Officers Drop Homeless Man Outside LA City Councilman’s Office – Shocking Security Camera Footage Captured as Officers Drive Away

LOS ANGELES, CA – The President of the Los Angeles City Council has expressed outrage after security cameras captured two Burbank Police officers reportedly leaving a homeless man near his office and driving away as he lay on the ground. Councilman Paul Krekorian released the video footage showing the officers dropping off the unidentified man in North Hollywood on June 6, leaving him without assistance as he lay on the ground.

Krekorian condemned the actions of the officers as “callous, cruel, inhumane, and fundamentally irresponsible” during a news conference. His office staff were able to locate the man and provide him with medical care after viewing the security footage. The councilman criticized the officers for not offering any assistance or assessing the man’s needs before leaving him in North Hollywood.

Reaching out to the Burbank mayor’s office, Krekorian demanded answers. The city stated that an investigation was underway within the Burbank Police Department to address the incident. Burbank Mayor Nick Schultz emphasized the city’s commitment to providing support and resources to unhoused residents to help them transition into stable living conditions.

The homeless man, who had sought medical treatment at a hospital in Burbank, was allegedly dropped off by the officers after becoming unruly. The Burbank Police Department provided more details about the encounter, stating that the man had refused an offer of clothes and had voluntarily left the hospital before the officers arrived.

In response to the incident, the police officers offered to drive the man to a location of his choice. Initially requesting to be taken to the Sunland-Tujunga area, the man later asked to be dropped off at the Metro Red Line in North Hollywood to get coffee. The officers complied with his request, letting him out of the patrol vehicle.

Krekorian stressed the importance of law enforcement taking better care when dealing with homeless individuals, highlighting the need for more compassionate and responsible actions in addressing the ongoing crisis. The Burbank Police Department expressed gratitude to Krekorian for bringing attention to the incident and stated that they were reviewing all evidence, including body-worn camera footage and witness statements.