Pope Francis Inspires Millions in DR Congo: ‘Hands off Africa’

Pope Francis’ first visit to the Democratic Republic of Congo (DR Congo) was a success as he was welcomed by a million people in the capital Kinshasa. The Pope’s message was clear: he called for an end to violence in the region and urged outside forces to “hands off Africa”.

The Pope’s visit was seen as a high-wire act as he sought to court followers in the region. He was met with a warm reception from the Congolese people, and the Mass in Kinshasa was attended by thousands of people.

The Pope’s visit comes at a time of heightened tensions in the region. Violence has been escalating in eastern Congo, due to a number of factors including ethnic divisions, land disputes, and the presence of armed groups. The Pope’s call for peace and for outside forces to stay out of African affairs was well-received by the Congolese people.

The Pope’s visit was a success, and it is hoped that his message of peace and unity will be heard throughout the region.