Pope Francis undergoes successful abdominal surgery

Vatican City – Pope Francis underwent successful intestinal surgery on Sunday, July 4th. The surgery was announced by the Vatican, stating that the Pope was admitted to Gemelli Hospital in Rome for the medical procedure. On Saturday, the Pope canceled all his appointments until June 18, which raised concerns about his health. It was later reported that he was expected to undergo surgery due to a “severe” narrowing of his large intestine, according to CBS News.

The surgery lasted for approximately three hours and was performed by a team of five surgeons. Following the surgery, the Vatican released a statement saying that the Pope was “awake and breathing on his own.” The hospital also reported that the surgery went well and the Pope was expected to remain in the hospital for about a week.

Officials from the Vatican have yet to comment on why the Pope had to undergo surgery, but reports suggest that it was due to a colon condition called diverticulitis. The condition involved the formation of small pouches in the colon that can become inflamed and cause pain and discomfort.

The 84-year-old Pope has previously suffered from health issues, including sciatica and a respiratory infection. However, he has maintained an active schedule and continued to carry out his duties as the head of the Catholic Church.

The Vatican has assured the public that Pope Francis was in good health despite the surgery and that he will be closely monitored during his recovery period. The Pope’s office has stated that he would be taking a brief hiatus from his regular duties to recover from the surgery. The Catholic Church has requested prayers for the Pope’s quick recovery and good health.