Pope Francis Urges South Sudanese to Reject ‘Venom of Hatred’ and End ‘Blind Fury’ of Violence

Pope Francis visited South Sudan on Sunday, the first papal visit to the African nation in its history. The Pope held a mass in Juba, South Sudan’s capital, where he urged the people to reject the ‘venom of hatred.’ He also visited a displaced persons camp and pleaded for peace, calling for an end to the ‘blind fury’ of violence.

The Pope also met with South Sudanese clergy and urged them to raise their voices against injustice. He stressed the importance of religious leaders in promoting peace and reconciliation, and encouraged them to be a source of hope for those affected by the nation’s civil war.

Pope Francis’ visit to South Sudan comes at a critical time, as the African nation is still struggling to recover from a five-year civil war that ended in 2018. The Pope’s message of hope and peace has been welcomed by the people of South Sudan, who are looking to move forward in unity and peace.

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