Power Outages in Houston: Residents Struggle with Heat and Loss of Connectivity as CenterPoint Energy Works to Restore Power

Houston, Texas – As temperatures soar in Houston, residents like Melissa Hunziker are struggling to cope without power. Despite her house being cool at the moment, Hunziker is aware that the situation could worsen quickly.

Hunziker mentioned using a portable fan with rechargeable batteries to stay cool, but recognizes the need to find alternative shelter soon. In addition to the power outage, the loss of cellphone connectivity is making it difficult for residents to access emergency information.

Amidst the challenges, individuals like Kassie Rieger and Keaton Cravens have stepped up to offer assistance to those in need. Rieger expressed hope that the community is supporting each other during this trying time.

CenterPoint Energy, the primary energy provider in the Greater Houston area, reported progress in restoring power to hundreds of thousands of customers post-Beryl’s impact. The company’s staff worked tirelessly on foot, covering thousands of miles to assess and repair circuit issues, utilizing aerial surveillance tools like helicopters and drones.

According to an online tracker, more than half of Harris County’s 2.1 million energy customers were still without power on Tuesday afternoon. Despite the challenges, CenterPoint Energy assured the public that essential components of their energy infrastructure, such as transmission towers and substations, remained intact.