Pregnant woman killed, dismembered by her brother because she was no longer innocent

HASTINGS, MN – A Minnesota man has been charged with second-degree murder in connection to the gruesome death of his sister, who was carrying a child, under the alleged notion that her pregnancy made her impure.

The Dakota County authorities reported that they were summoned by concerned relatives of Bethany Israel, who was expected home after dining with her brother but did not return. Upon visiting the locale of their meal, a relative stumbled upon an alarming amount of blood and subsequently alerted law enforcement.

Investigators arriving at the scene encountered dismembered human remains and bloodied knives. Following preliminary investigations, they became convinced the body parts were Israel’s.

In a neighboring area of Rosemount, the suspect, identified as Jack Joseph Ball, was detained after a report concerning the displacement of human remains on a nearby front step. Ball seemed to have a self-inflicted wound on his neck at the time of his capture.

A review of Ball’s journals unearthed by police suggested a disturbing rationale for the crime. He recorded displeasure over his sister’s pregnancy, which, in his view, had tainted her innocence.

The medical examination disclosed that Israel was nearly four months pregnant at the time of her passing.

Dakota County Attorney Kathy Keena expressed the severity of the ordeal, vowing a rigorous pursuit of justice and committed support for the victims’ relatives.

Friends and family have rallied financially to support Israel’s loved ones through a GoFundMe campaign, which has amassed substantial contributions. The platform serves as a testament to Israel’s memory, honoring her as a beloved wife, mother-to-be, and a vibrant member of the volleyball community noted for her steadfast kindness and generosity.

Ball faces legal proceedings with charges that also encompass the death of Israel’s unborn infant. His legal representation or plea remains undetermined at this juncture.