President Biden Cleared Fit to Serve by White House Doctor: “Healthy, Rigorous 80-Year-Old”

President Joe Biden was cleared fit for presidential duty following a physical exam on Tuesday. According to White House doctor Dr. Sean Conley, Biden is a “healthy, rigorous, 80-year-old” who is “fit to serve” as president.

The physical exam was closely watched due to Biden’s age and the fact that he is the oldest elected president in U.S. history. The exam was conducted by a team of doctors and included a variety of tests to assess Biden’s overall health.

Dr. Conley said that Biden will receive an annual physical to ensure he remains healthy and fit for the duration of his term. However, former Obama doctor Dr. David Scheiner expressed concern for Biden’s health, noting that “he’s not a young 80.”

The physical exam results come as Biden is set to begin his 2024 campaign. Though it is early to speculate, the results of the physical exam indicate that Biden is medically “fit” to run for a second term.

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