President Biden to End Covid National and Public Health Emergencies in May: Benefits at Risk

President Joe Biden announced on Tuesday that he will be ending the Covid national and public health emergencies in May, which will cause many benefits to disappear.

The White House said that the Covid-19 public health emergency will end on May 11 and the national emergency will end on May 14.

The end of the Covid-19 national and public health emergencies means that the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) will no longer be able to provide funding for Covid-19 related expenses such as testing, contact tracing, and vaccinations.

Other benefits that will be discontinued include the ability for states to waive certain Medicare requirements and the ability for hospitals to receive additional funding for Covid-19 related expenses.

The decision has been met with criticism from some who argue that the move is an attempt to avoid embarrassment.

The news of the end of the Covid-19 emergencies has had an impact on the stock market, with stocks slipping as investors are uncertain about the future.

The decision to end the Covid-19 emergencies comes as the US is making progress in its fight against the virus, with the number of new cases and deaths decreasing and vaccination rates increasing.

It remains to be seen what impact the end of the Covid-19 emergencies will have on the US, but it is clear that the decision will have far-reaching consequences.