President Biden Visits New York, Baltimore to Promote Rail Tunnel and Infrastructure Bill

President Joe Biden visited Baltimore, Maryland on Monday to discuss upgrades to the newly-named Frederick Douglass Tunnel. Biden’s visit comes on the heels of his announcement to offer millions of dollars in funding for a new rail tunnel in New York City as part of his infrastructure bill.

The visit was met with some criticism, as Biden was mocked for repeating a debunked story about Amtrak during his speech. “This is disturbing stuff,” said Fox News commentator Tucker Carlson.

Despite the criticism, Biden’s visit has given hope to supporters of the latest Hudson rail project revival. Biden’s infrastructure bill includes $8 million for the project, which seeks to upgrade the current rail system and reduce delays for commuters.

The visit was widely covered by news outlets, with photos of Biden at the Penn Station in Baltimore and articles about his infrastructure bill appearing in the New York Times, Fox News, WJZ, and the Baltimore Sun.

Overall, Biden’s visit to Baltimore and his infrastructure plan have been met with both criticism and optimism.