Prince Harry testifies in court for hacking claims, dubbed “the royal court case of the century”

Prince Harry arrived at a UK court today for the start of what has been called the “royal court case of the century”. The case involves allegations of phone hacking that the Duke of Sussex claims were committed by certain newspapers. The charges come as Prince Harry has been vocal in his criticism of the media and its treatment of him and his family.

The Duke’s appearance in court coincides with the release of several articles on the case by various news outlets. The BBC writes that the case is a “potentially explosive, high stakes legal battle”. The Telegraph, meanwhile, argues that Prince Harry “can’t win his war against the media”.

The Evening Standard has published a list of newspaper articles that the Duke claims were involved in unlawful activity and, according to the paper, “could expose wrongdoing at the highest levels of British media”.

With tensions high, the New York Times reports that the Royals are preparing to cringe as Prince Harry takes to the stand to testify. It remains to be seen how the case will play out, but it is clear that it will be closely watched by both the Royals and the media alike.