Prince Harry’s Absence Sparks Intense Court Drama in Phone Hacking Trial

Prince Harry was absent from the first day of his court case against a British tabloid publisher. The Duke of Sussex was expected to attend the trial, which centers on allegations of phone hacking by the publisher. However, Prince Harry was a no-show as the proceedings got underway.

The trial is expected to get “very dirty very fast,” according to insiders, with claims and counter-claims likely to dominate the proceedings. The case is being closely watched by royal watchers and media experts alike, who see it as a test case for the relationship between the press and the monarchy.

Sky News is currently live streaming the trial, providing real-time updates on the testimony and arguments being put forward by both sides. The trial is expected to last for several days, and could have significant implications for the future of journalism in the UK and beyond.

Meanwhile, the BBC is analyzing the implications of the trial for the reputation of the royal family. Prince Harry’s absence from the court is seen as significant, with some experts speculating that the Duke of Sussex is attempting to distance himself from the trial and avoid any potential fallout.

The Express reports that the court case marks the beginning of a new chapter in the ongoing battle between the royal family and the press. With tensions already high following the highly publicized departure of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle from royal duties, the court case is likely to fan the flames of controversy.

As the trial progresses, all eyes will be on the outcome and its impact on the media landscape, as well as the ongoing relationship between the monarchy and the press.