Putin Accuses West of Provoking Conflict and Hits Out at Oligarch Traitors in State of the Nation Address

In a major speech on Wednesday, Russian President Vladimir Putin accused the West and Ukraine of provoking conflict in the region.

In a state of the nation address, Putin said, “They started the war, not us.”

At the same time, US President Joe Biden arrived in Poland to discuss the Ukraine conflict and other issues with the Polish president.

In the speech, Putin said he would update Russia’s elite on the Ukraine war and hit out at oligarch traitors.

The Russian president also made a controversial statement about the West, saying “Paedophilia is advertised as the norm” in some parts of the world.

The comments come as the conflict between Russia and Ukraine continues to simmer, with both sides accusing the other of aggression and violations of international law.

The situation remains tense, with both sides hoping for a peaceful resolution.