“Putin Slams Ukraine as Drones Attack Russian Oil Refineries: Live Updates on Russia-Ukraine War”

In a dramatic turn of events, drones attacked Russian oil refineries, leading to heightened tensions between Russia and Ukraine. The attacks were carried out by unknown perpetrators, and Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev warned that British officials aiding Ukraine could be military targets.

Russian President Vladimir Putin slammed Ukraine after the drone attacks and questioned the US role in the ongoing war between the two nations. The conflict has escalated in recent weeks, with Russia blaming Ukraine for numerous attacks and Ukraine accusing Russia of invading its territory.

As Russia’s war in Ukraine continues, CNN has been providing live updates on the situation. Meanwhile, The Independent has published an opinion piece examining what Putin’s war means for Russia, now that the conflict has reached his doorstep.

The Guardian News has released a video showing drones flying over Moscow during the recent targeted attack. The footage shows multiple drones flying in formation and attacking the oil refineries.

The situation remains tense, and it is unclear what the next steps will be. Many are calling for calm and diplomacy to prevail, but with tensions high, the risk of further violence remains high. Full coverage of the escalating conflict can be found on USNN.