Recall: Nearly 1.9 Million Cases of Water Impacted by FDA Recall – Find Out Why!

Topeka, Kansas – Nearly 1.9 million cases of bottled water produced by Natural Waters of Viti Limited are being recalled nationwide by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) due to various issues. The FDA announced the voluntary recall of over 78,000 cases of Fiji Natural Artesian Water on May 23, citing concerns about manganese and three bacterial genera in the product. The water, which was initially shipped to the state of Washington, was later distributed across the country through online retailers like

The recalled water cases, each containing 24 bottles, amount to a total of approximately 1,884,792 individual bottles being pulled from the market. Specific details regarding the recalled cases include the case UPC code, bottle UPC code, and production dates ranging from November 11 to November 25, 2023. Concerns about excessive levels of manganese have prompted the CDC to address potential health risks associated with high exposure to this trace element, emphasizing the need to limit intake to prevent adverse effects on the brain and other organs.

The recall of nearly 1.9 million cases of Fiji Natural Artesian Water serves as a cautionary tale about the importance of quality control and safety measures in the production and distribution of consumable goods. The swift action taken by the FDA underscores the agency’s commitment to public health and safety, ensuring that potential risks are addressed promptly to safeguard consumers. The widespread distribution of the recalled water cases through online retailers highlights the challenges of monitoring and regulating products in the digital marketplace, where goods can easily reach a broad audience before safety concerns are identified. The collaboration between federal agencies, manufacturers, and retailers in addressing product recalls demonstrates a collective effort to uphold standards and protect consumers from harm.

As consumers become increasingly conscious of product quality and safety standards, incidents like the recall of Fiji Natural Artesian Water underscore the importance of transparency, accountability, and regulatory oversight in the food and beverage industry. The impact of such recalls extends beyond individual cases to the broader public perception of brands and companies, emphasizing the need for proactive measures to prevent similar incidents in the future. By staying informed about product recalls and understanding the reasons behind them, consumers can make more informed choices about the products they purchase and consume, contributing to a safer and more reliable marketplace.