Reckless Pickup Driver Indicted for Intentional Road Rage Crash Leading to Double Murder

LONGMONT, Colorado – A man in Boulder County has been arrested and charged with murder after intentionally crashing his truck into another car, resulting in the death of two occupants. The Boulder County District Attorney’s Office announced on Monday that Earl James Garczynski, 54, is facing charges of first-degree murder, assault, leaving the scene of an accident, vehicular homicide, and tampering with evidence.

The incident occurred on May 19 when police responded to a four-vehicle crash on Highway 287 in Longmont. Daniel Wright and James Jacobson were killed in the crash, and another driver was seriously injured. Witnesses and traffic camera footage revealed that the crash was allegedly caused by the driver of a maroon-colored Dodge Ram 1500, who then fled the scene.

According to investigators, Garczynski engaged in reckless driving behavior, including tailgating, swerving, brake-checking, and ultimately crashing into the victims’ car at high speed. The coroner’s office report described the collision as intentional, leading to the fatal injuries of the victims.

Police identified Garczynski through traffic camera footage and a red license plate frame on his truck. Despite initially denying any involvement in the crash, he later changed his story multiple times when presented with evidence by investigators. A friend of Garczynski, who was on the phone with him at the time of the crash, reported hearing him claim that the victims were trying to race him.

Garczynski is currently being held in the Boulder County Jail on a $1 million bond and has a history of traffic-related charges and convictions dating back to the 1980s. The details of his previous cases include theft, burglary, and driving offenses in multiple counties in Colorado.

In conclusion, Earl James Garczynski has been charged with murder after intentionally causing a fatal car crash in Longmont, Colorado. The case highlights the dangers of reckless driving and the serious consequences it can have on innocent victims.