Rep. George Santos Slams ‘Categorically False’ Claims of Drag Queen Performance

Rep. George Santos has been forced to deny allegations that he is a former drag queen after a video emerged of him dressed in drag, boasting about drag shows.

The video, which was posted by the New York Post, shows Santos dressed in drag and speaking about his experiences performing in drag in Brazil.

Santos has denied the allegations, calling them “categorically false”. He has also slammed those who have circulated the video, claiming it was taken out of context.

Despite the video, it seems unlikely that the reports of Santos’s drag queen past will have any impact on his political career. According to TIME, Santos has a strong grip on his political seat, and the reports are unlikely to change that.

Yahoo News has also reported that Santos has denied performing as a drag queen in Brazil, despite a photo circulating of him dressed in drag.

The story continues to make headlines, with full coverage available on USNN.