Resignation Shock: Benny Gantz Quits Israeli War Cabinet Over Netanyahu’s Failures – Calls for Fall Elections

Jerusalem, Israel – Benny Gantz, a centrist member of Israel’s three-man war Cabinet, has tendered his resignation, citing Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s alleged mishandling of the war effort. Gantz accused Netanyahu of prioritizing his political survival over the country’s security needs. While this move does not pose an immediate threat to Netanyahu’s leadership, it shifts the dynamics within the Israeli government, leaving Netanyahu more reliant on far-right allies who oppose the latest U.S.-backed cease-fire proposal.

Gantz, a popular former military chief, had initially joined Netanyahu’s government in a display of national unity following a Hamas attack. However, with growing discontent over Netanyahu’s approach to the conflict, Gantz decided to step down to push for a change in direction. He emphasized the need for a new strategy for postwar Gaza, hinting at the possibility of continued fighting for years to come.

During a dramatic rescue operation in Gaza, Gantz canceled a planned news conference and called for elections in the fall. He urged Defense Minister Yoav Gallant to follow suit and resign from the government. Gallant, who had previously stated his intention to resign if Israel chose to reoccupy Gaza, was encouraged by Gantz to make the right decision for the country’s future.

Despite Netanyahu’s plea for unity, Gantz chose to leave the emergency wartime government in a symbolic move of protest against the prime minister’s leadership. Political analysts suggest that Gantz’s departure could further strengthen Netanyahu’s reliance on extremist right-wing members of his government, potentially complicating international relations with the United States.

On Sunday evening, National Security Minister Itamar Ben-Gvir demanded a place in the war Cabinet, criticizing Gantz and the smaller Cabinet for what he described as “dangerous” ideological decisions that have complicated the war effort. The conflict with Hamas has resulted in numerous casualties, with Palestinians bearing a significant toll of the violence according to Gaza’s Health Ministry.