Restaurant Server Stabbed to Death in Tragic West Loop Attack by Coworker

Harvey, Illinois – A tragic incident in the West Loop has left a family grieving the loss of a beloved grandfather and restaurant server. Francois Swain, 47, was fatally stabbed by a coworker while on the job at City Winery, according to Chicago police.

Swain’s family expressed their ongoing concerns about his safety during his commute from Harvey to the West Loop, which tragically culminated in his untimely death at work. His mother, Karen Coleman, lamented the heartbreaking reality of losing her son in such a violent manner.

In his final moments, Swain showed his compassionate nature by providing support to others. His sister, Erica Ferrell, expressed deep sorrow over not being able to know what her brother was feeling during the attack, highlighting his selfless dedication to helping those around him.

The fatal incident occurred on a Wednesday night at City Winery, where Swain worked as a server. The assailant, Clarence Johnson, a dishwasher with a history of 12 felony convictions, was arrested on the scene and charged with the deadly attack.

Prosecutors revealed that the stabbing was unprovoked and occurred while Johnson was reportedly praising Jesus on the floor as staff prepared for an evening concert. Ferrell shared her shock and disbelief at the tragedy that unfolded in what she had believed to be a safe work environment for her brother.

As the family struggles to come to terms with Swain’s sudden absence from their lives, they remember him fondly as a proud grandfather whose joy in his grandson’s milestones brought light to their lives. Funeral arrangements for Swain are currently pending, while Johnson is set to appear in court on June 12 to await trial for his heinous actions.