Revealed: Bloodied Wagner Fighters’ Desperate Journey from Prison to War in Ukraine

In a series of stories involving the Wagner group, a Russian paramilitary force, it has been revealed that the militants have been captured in Ukraine and forced to recount their journey from prison to war.

The Washington Post reported that several Wagner fighters were seen with bloodied faces and clothing, a sign of the violence they had endured. The Daily Beast then reported on a photo released by Russian President Vladimir Putin’s chef Yevgeny Prigozhin that showed gruesome images of Russian corpses.

The Wall Street Journal reported that the Wagner group’s leader had drawn back from a feud with the Russian military after the group suffered losses in Ukraine. CNN then reported that the leader had posted a photo of dead Russian soldiers and blamed their deaths on ‘shell starvation’.

Finally, FRANCE 24 English reported that the Wagner group had a bloody year in Ukraine, going from a murder squad to cannon fodder. With such a series of events, it is clear that the Wagner group has been a major player in the Ukrainian conflict. View Full Coverage on USNN for more information.