Revealed: Unusual Evidence in Alex Murdaugh Trial Uncovers Financial Schemes and Thefts

The trial of Alex Murdaugh, accused of killing his wife and two children, has been ongoing for weeks now, and the latest developments in the case have been shocking.

On Wednesday, the defence sought a mistrial after a housekeeper testified that she had been asked to do some “unusual” cleaning at the Murdaugh home shortly after the murders. The housekeeper said that the request had made her suspicious and she had contacted the police.

The same day, the housekeeper also testified that Murdaugh’s wife had expressed worries about money and her husband’s truthfulness in the days leading up to the murders.

On Tuesday, the court heard legal analysis of the case, and on Monday, the jurors heard evidence of Murdaugh’s financial schemes and thefts.

The State newspaper also reported on the story, revealing the details of how cameras were allowed in the courtroom.

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