Road to Recovery: Mini Poodle Brutally Attacked by Owner in Manhattan Park Shows Incredible Resilience

New York, NY – A mini poodle named Rocket is on the road to recovery after being brutally attacked by its owner in Highbridge Park, Washington Heights. The 1-year-old pooch suffered serious injuries, including a traumatic brain injury, fractured femur, broken jaw, and severe organ damage. The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA) has taken in Rocket and is providing medical care, with veterinarians stating that he is thankfully past the most critical point in his recovery.

According to ASPCA spokeswoman Alyssa Fleck, Rocket underwent surgery and is expected to take about eight weeks to fully recover. Following the vicious attack on May 16, the owner, Cleopatra Morgan, was arrested and charged with animal abuse. Morgan admitted to police that she abused Rocket, stating, “I threw my dog off a ledge, I slammed him side to side into the concrete, I stepped on his skull.”

The police intervened when they arrived at the scene, cradling Rocket and rushing him to the nearest ASPCA hospital for immediate medical attention. Body cam footage captured the officers’ quick actions, highlighting their efforts to save the injured animal. Meanwhile, court documents revealed that Morgan had a history of violence, having threatened a man with a knife just two days before the dog attack.

Neighbors of Morgan expressed shock at her behavior, noting that she had only recently acquired the dog and initially appeared loving and caring towards him. Rocket, despite his severe injuries, has shown incredible resilience and is described as a sweet dog who enjoys being around people. The ASPCA is hopeful that Rocket will make a full recovery and be put up for adoption in the near future.

The case of Rocket highlights the importance of recognizing and addressing animal abuse, as well as the crucial role that organizations like the ASPCA play in providing care and support to abused animals. It also serves as a reminder of the dedication and quick response of law enforcement officers in protecting and rescuing animals in distress.QueryParamInput: AP style conversion