Robbery at Newport Beach’s Fashion Island Turns Deadly for New Zealand Woman – Suspects Arrested!

Newport Beach, California – A tragic robbery attempt turned deadly at Fashion Island when a 68-year-old woman from New Zealand was struck and killed by a suspect’s vehicle. The victim was identified as Patricia McKay by the Orange County coroner’s office. Three suspects, Jaden Cunningham, Malachi Eddward Darnell, and Leroyernest Joseph McCrary, have been taken into custody by the Newport Beach Police Department in connection to the incident.

The harrowing event unfolded near the popular shopping mall’s Barnes & Noble bookstore on Tuesday afternoon. According to authorities, the suspects approached McKay and her husband, attempting to rob them. A struggle ensued, leading to the woman being dragged into the street by one of the suspects. The suspects then tried to escape in a white Toyota Camry, which resulted in the tragic death of McKay.

Following a brief pursuit, the three suspects were apprehended – one in Cypress, and two in South Gate. Despite initial reports suggesting the woman had been shot, investigators confirmed she was fatally struck by the vehicle. Fortunately, McKay’s husband was not injured during the incident.

Newport Beach Mayor Will O’Neill condemned the suspects, labeling them as “creeps” and condemning the “stunning, staggering” attack. O’Neill emphasized the need for society to do better and not tolerate such actions. While praising law enforcement for swiftly apprehending the suspects, he acknowledged that the loss of life could not be undone.

The shopping mall, Fashion Island, known for its security measures, was highlighted by O’Neill as a safe place for shoppers. Despite the tragic events that transpired, O’Neill expressed confidence in the mall’s security and reaffirmed its status as a safe community.

As investigations into the incident continue, the community of Newport Beach mourns the loss of Patricia McKay and grapples with the senseless violence that occurred at the popular shopping destination.