“Roku takes on the TV industry with its first-ever smart TVs, exclusively available at Best Buy”

Roku, the popular streaming device manufacturer, has just announced the release of its latest product line: smart TVs. And they won’t be available just anywhere – for now, the company is exclusively partnering with Best Buy to sell these TVs, which will be the first company-made smart TVs Roku has ever produced.

But don’t worry – the TVs won’t break the bank. According to Gizmodo, the new TVs will start off only slightly more expensive than a Roku streaming box. That means that customers can get even more bang for their buck by purchasing a TV that includes all of the features of a streaming box – and then some.

The TVs will run on Roku’s latest operating system, Roku OS 12, which was also just announced. As Cord Cutters News reports, the new OS comes with a ton of new features, including “faster performance, better search results, and more personalized recommendations.”

This announcement is the latest in a series of moves by Roku to expand its offerings beyond just streaming devices. As Next TV notes, Roku has already rolled out branded TVs to Best Buy stores, and now it seems that the company is investing even more heavily in this strategy.

But Roku’s not just expanding its hardware offerings – it’s also releasing software updates to make its devices even more useful. TechCrunch reports that the latest software update for Roku includes the ability to access local news and more live sports, as well as a new mobile app for easier remote control.

Overall, it seems clear that Roku is making a big push to become more than just a streaming box company. With its new smart TVs, updated operating system, and continued investment in software updates, Roku is positioning itself as a major player in the home entertainment industry – and it looks like Best Buy will be a key partner in that push.