“Russia accuses U.S. of hacking thousands of iPhones in iOS zero-click attacks”

Russia has accused the United States of hacking into iPhones in Russia in an attempt to spy on the country. According to several news reports, Russian officials claim that thousands of Apple phones were hacked in a plot by the US.

The accusations were made by various Russian officials and sources, including the Russian Foreign Ministry, the Federal Security Service, and others. The officials claimed that the hacking took place through zero-click attacks, which exploit vulnerabilities in the iPhone’s operating system.

The officials also accused the US of using the hacked phones to monitor and collect data on Russian officials and citizens. Russia’s response to the allegations was swift and pointed, with officials calling the actions “unacceptable” and warning of serious consequences.

Despite the accusations, Kremlin officials have reportedly continued to use iPhones, despite concerns over possible US espionage. The Moscow Times reported that despite warnings from security experts, Kremlin officials have refused to switch to other devices.

The US has not yet responded to the accusations, but tensions between the two countries have been steadily rising in recent months. The accusations are likely to further strain relations between the two nations, which have been strained by a range of issues, including allegations of Russian interference in US elections and disputes over Ukraine and other issues.