Russia Claims to Thwart Ukraine Offensive, Belgorod Region Shelled: Latest Developments

Russia and Ukraine see renewed clashes amidst claims and counterclaims. The latest news from June 5, 2023, has Ukraine claiming a successful offensive that they say has repelled Russian attacks on occupied ground, while Russia has claimed to thwart a Ukrainian offensive. Shelling has been reported in the Belgorod region of Russia, which authorities there have alerted residents about.

Amidst all of this, Wagner, a Russian private military contractor, has been claiming success. However, the boss of Wagner has had his claims called “wild fantasies” by Al Jazeera English.

The situation between Russia and Ukraine remains tense, and both sides continue to mount operations. The international community is keeping a close eye on the situation, and many are calling for a peaceful resolution to be reached as soon as possible.