Russian ‘Experts’ Issue Guidebook on How to Destroy US Main Battle Tank as US and Germany Face Timeline Issues for Tank Deliveries to Ukraine

The United States is facing a major security crisis as a Russian-based group of ‘experts’ has issued a guidebook on how to destroy the US main battle tank, the Abrams. The guidebook, which has been circulating online, has sparked concern among US military officials as it provides detailed instructions on how to disable the tank and its crew.

The Russian ‘experts’ have also released a video demonstration of their tactics which has been viewed over 100,000 times. The video has raised fears that the tactics could be used by Russia or its allies to target US tanks in the future.

The US has been attempting to deliver Abrams tanks to Ukraine in order to bolster its defences against Russian aggression. However, the US is facing timeline issues over the delivery of the tanks and it is unclear if they will be able to meet the deadline.

The US and Germany have both been criticized for supplying tanks to Ukraine, with Russia claiming that it is a direct involvement in the conflict. The Las Vegas Review-Journal has published an editorial calling for an end to the tank deliveries, arguing that it will only increase Ukraine’s entanglement in the conflict.

The German government has recently performed a U-turn on its decision to supply tanks to Ukraine, with The Guardian suggesting that the move is a reluctant one.

The US military is currently monitoring the situation and is prepared to take action if the guidebook is used to target US tanks.