“Russian Forces Close in on Victory as Ukraine’s Bakhmut Fights for Survival”

Russia’s Wagner Troops Exhaust Ukrainian Forces in Bakhmut

Bakhmut, Ukraine – The ongoing conflict between Russia and Ukraine may be coming to a head in the Bakhmut region of Ukraine, as Russian-backed Wagner troops continue to advance on Ukrainian forces. The Wall Street Journal reports that Ukrainian forces are exhausted and running low on supplies, and the situation is becoming increasingly dire.

According to CNBC, Russia is turning to “vintage” tanks to bolster its military might in the region. The use of these tanks is a clear indication that Russia is not afraid to use whatever means necessary to achieve its goals. In addition, CNN reports that Russia may be close to capturing Bakhmut, but a victory could come at a heavy cost.

The Washington Post states that the battle for Bakhmut rages on, with both sides continuing to exchange fire. The situation is causing great concern among international observers, who fear that the conflict could escalate into a wider regional conflict.

Meanwhile, Yahoo News reports that the chief of Wagner, the Russian mercenary group fighting on behalf of Russia, has said that their position in Bakhmut is at risk without promised ammunition. The situation is further complicated by the fact that the conflict is taking place against the backdrop of a pandemic, further straining resources and making it difficult for relief efforts to reach those in need.

It remains to be seen how the conflict in Bakhmut will play out, but for now, it appears that both sides are digging in for a prolonged fight. The world watches and waits, hoping for a peaceful resolution to the ongoing conflict.