Russian Mercenaries Owner Blasts ‘Treason’ of Top Military Chiefs: A Look at the Widening Rift

The rift between the Russian military and the Wagner Group, a private military contractor, has widened after the group’s owner, Yevgeny Prigozhin, accused top army brass of treason.

The Associated Press reported that Prigozhin, a close ally of Russian President Vladimir Putin, made the accusation in a statement on Sunday, claiming the military chiefs had committed “treason” by failing to act in the best interests of Russia.

The statement came after a series of clashes between the Wagner Group and the Russian military in Ukraine. According to USA Today, the conflict has been escalating since the Wagner Group began recruiting Russian fighters using pop culture, including music and video games.

The Wall Street Journal reported that the conflict reached a new level when Prigozhin accused the Russian military of failing to protect Wagner Group fighters in Ukraine.

Reuters reported that Prigozhin has accused the top army brass of “treason” and has called on the government to take action against the military chiefs.

The conflict between the Wagner Group and the Russian military is ongoing, and it remains to be seen how the Russian government will respond to Prigozhin’s accusations.