Russia’s Feared Offensive in Ukraine Confirmed: U.S. Estimates Half of Heavy Tanks Lost

The United States has reported that Russia likely lost half of its heavy tanks in the ongoing conflict in Ukraine. This news follows a report from a Dutch war monitor that Russia has lost more than 1,500 battle tanks in the war.

A new offensive by Russia has been met with a strong response from Ukraine. The Wall Street Journal reported that Ukraine has said that Russia is delaying a new mobilization of troops while they are engaged in a stepped-up offensive.

After months of a stalemate in the conflict, it appears that Russia’s long-feared new offensive in Ukraine has begun, according to Yahoo News.

The conflict in Ukraine has been ongoing for several years, and it appears that both sides are continuing to engage in a battle of attrition. With both sides suffering heavy losses, it remains to be seen how long the conflict will continue.

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