#SAGStrike: Actors and Writers Rally Together in Picketing Against Corporate Greed

Actors and writers belonging to the SAG-AFTRA union have gone on strike, with picketing occurring in New York City and Los Angeles. Some of the major studios being targeted by the picketers include Netflix, Warner Bros. Discovery, Disney, Amazon, NBCUniversal, and Sony Pictures. The central message behind the picketing is the issue of corporate greed. SAG-AFTRA president Fran Drescher and the negotiation committee made their way to the Netflix offices, where they were met by a swarm of media and fellow protesters. The picketers were supported by individuals such as actor Dermot Mulroney and “Parks and Recreation” co-creator Mike Schur.

A member of SAG-AFTRA, who has appeared in shows like “Tulsa King,” “This Is Us,” and “NCIS: New Orleans,” joined the Netflix picket with her one-month-old daughter. She expressed her desire for a fair contract, stating that she has previously received residual checks as low as 50 cents. The picket signs on display featured phrases like “Your poor Montana ranch!” and “ChatGPT can suck my D.”

At the various picketing locations, chants and honks of support from passing vehicles could be heard. Notable individuals like Mandy Moore and Mike Schur were seen at Disney and Paramount, respectively. Warner Bros. saw SAG members chanting, “Hey hey! Hi hi! We are actors, not AI.” The day of picketing started at the SAG-AFTRA headquarters on Wilshire Boulevard.

SAG-AFTRA’s executive director, Duncan Crabtree-Ireland, addressed the media early in the morning, emphasizing the union’s dissatisfaction with the strike and its need for fair treatment. Fran Drescher had previously given a passionate speech during the press conference, stating that changes in the business model necessitate corresponding changes in the contract. SAG members face numerous limitations during the strike, including restrictions on promotion, attending award shows or film festivals, and discussing work on social media.

The strike has led to the shut down of numerous film and television productions. In addition, it has shed light on the broader issue of big corporations taking advantage of workers and not treating them fairly. It is clear that SAG members are making a stand for their rights and demanding respect and fair compensation for their contributions.

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