“Scott Adams’ Racist Rant Leads to Multiple Papers Dropping ‘Dilbert’ Strip”

Scott Adams, the creator of the popular comic strip “Dilbert,” has come under fire recently for making racially charged comments. This has led to multiple newspapers dropping the strip from their publications.

Yahoo Entertainment reported that Adams’ comments were so offensive that many news outlets have decided to no longer run the comic. OregonLive reported on a letter from the editor of one of these newspapers, explaining why they chose to drop the strip.

Fox News reported that Adams’ comments have caused some newspapers to lay off staff members, as they no longer have the comic strip to run.

Finally, Cleveland.com reported on a letter from the editor of one of the newspapers that has dropped “Dilbert,” explaining why they had to take the action of dropping the strip due to Adams’ racist rant.

It remains to be seen if Adams will apologize for his comments and if the newspapers will reconsider their decision to drop the strip.